Respirator - N95 Fit Test FAQs:


Respirator Fit Test: What is it?

A fit test is conducted to verify that a respirator is both comfortable and fits correctly.

Fit test methods:

  • A qualitative fit test is a pass/fail test that relies on the individual’s sensory detection of a test agent, such as taste, smell, or involuntary cough  

  • A quantitative fit test uses an instrument to numerically measure the effectiveness of the respirator.


We can perform tests to cater to those who get claustrophobic and to those who may be de-sensitized to cretin smells. 

Respirator Fit Test:  Fit Testing / How Often Must Fit Testing be Conducted?

Over 3 million United States employees are required to wear respiratory protection, this number is expected to expand as businesses open up.

(OSHA) requires an annual respirator fit test to confirm the fit of any respirator that forms a tight seal on the wearer’s face before it is used in the workplace to ensure users are protected and minimizing any contaminants into the facepiece. 

**Please ensure that no facial hair interferes from the mass sealing properly**

Check out this great video posted by 3M PPE Safety Solutions so you know what to expect from your Qualitative fit test.